Petro Vlahos, a Hollywood special effects pioneer who developed the color-difference blue screen process for the Motion Picture Research Council, founded Ultimatte Corporation, of Chatsworth, California, in 1976. His goal was to invent a better traveling matte system for motion pictures and he succeeded admirably…he won his first Oscar in 1964 for Blue Screen Compositing Technology. The first Ultimatte units were analog "black boxes" which evolved into the advanced, real-time digital hardware and the computer software products produced by the company today. In 1978, Petro won an Emmy award for Ultimatte Compositing Technology, followed by the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1994. In 1995, Ultimatte’s first software product was also awarded an Oscar.

Petro’s original concepts and innovations have been enhanced and expanded over the years and today Ultimatte users are able to create completely seamless composites which preserve fine details such as hair, smoke, mist, motion blur and shadows while automatically suppressing blue spill from the foreground subject. The total realism achieved allows for the creation of scenes that would otherwise be too dangerous, impossible and impractical.

With over 30 employees at its headquarters, hundreds of dealers worldwide, an aggressive research and development effort and its wide range of blue screen matte extraction and compositing software and hardware, Ultimatte Corporation is an acknowledged leader in its field. Innovations like Grain Killer and Screen Correction continue to place the company at the leading edge of compositing technology.

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